South Korean Web Hosting Company Pay Over US$1 million To Ransomware Attacker

Nayana: A South Korean Web Hosting Company Pay Over US$1 million In Rransomware Attack

A South Korean web hosting company is paying out  over US$1 million to ransomware attcker after suffering more than eight days of nightmare. The company Nayana announced the attack on June 10 in a statement posted onits website saying that customervideos and its database where encrypted by the ransonware.

More than 150 servers were hit, hosting the sites of more than 3,400 mostly small business customers. After a lengthy negotiation with the hackers, a demand for Bitcoin worth 5 billion won (nearly $4.4 million) was negociated dwn  to around $1 million (397.6 Bitcoin), and the company paid up. The ransom was demanded in three instalments; so far, two have been made.

Trend says at the time of the attack, Nayana was running a witch’s brew of vulnerable systems – an old Linux kernel ( compiled in 2008, Apache 1.3.36 and PHP 5.1.4 (both dating from 2006).

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