Apple Announce Intension To Build Data Centre in China

A a new cyber-security regulation introduced in China by the Chinese government preventing the transmission of personal information, salary details, and transfer of any economic, scientific or technological data on either public interest grounds or national security outside China may have started yielding results.

As a result of this new law, apple has declared intension to set up its first data centre in conjunction with local data management firm Guizhou-cloud as part of a $1bn investment in Guizhuo Chinese province.

Report shows that apple is the first firm to declare some changes in operation in other to suit the new rule and also said that the data centre will improve their services.

In other to also meet the requirement of the new regulations which requires cloud, apple also announced their intension to partner with GCBD.

According to apple, a second data centre will be opened also in Denmark and the systems will be of quality standard and powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. The centre is expected to be in operation by 2019 with a total estimated cost of $921m Reuters said.

Apple also have a plan to open another data centre with a total estimated cost of $850m in Galway, Ireland.

This plan is still on hold as a result of a court case with residents on environmental grounds and the case still awaits delivery of judgement.

Post Author: Churchill Aribodor

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