China Tighten Cybersecurity Law To Secure Citizens Data

It may be difficult for foreign businesses to trade in China as a result of the new cyber security laws recently enacted. Chinese citizen’s data and other details will remain within China, including transmission of any economic, scientific or technological data. This is in accordance with the new law put in place.

Network operator which includes all social media companies and internet firms will need users permission before any data is transferred outside the country as stated by the rule and there is a serious consequences of refusal or revocation of licences of businesses and business owners that refuses to comply with the new law and licences of victims may not be reversed.

Foreign influence mediated through the internet increases concern in Beijing as a result of the new rules Bill Hagestad told El Reg.

Bill Hagested also said that the communist party ideals will not be challenged by impure thoughts as well as protection of cyber borders of china with the design of the new internet security law.

It is assured that every foreign technology brought into China must be inspected and ascertained free from any exposure that could pose challenges to the internet security as stated by the release of Shadow Broker’S NSA tools.

There is a possibility of difficulty for foreign internet companies to trade in China Alex Nam, said. He also said that businesses that host websites and web content will also be affected, and many do not know that there businesses are in danger as a result of the new law.

Investigations are ongoing by the government officials and programmers to acertain if foreign companies meets the requirements of the new rule. Critical information infrastructure operators and network operators are affected greatly by the new law because they host their websites in china on behalf of other companies as a result their licence are been checked and they are been ordered by government officials to make the changes required as soon as possible.

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