Contractor Negligence Exposes Verizon Data

The largest wireless carrier in the United States, Verizon has apologized after a contractor failed to secure a large batch of customer information, leading to data relating to 6 million customers’ accounts being exposed.

Exposed data included names, addresses, phone numbers, account information and, in some cases, PIN codes that customers use to verify themselves to phone-based customer-service teams. The exposed data was stored in logs and information associated with customer-service calls.

Verizon in a statement released  stated that they are  committed to the security and privacy of our customers and  regret the incident and apologize to our customers.”  The data exposure was discovered by Chris Vickery, a researcher with the cyber risk team at security vendor UpGuard.

As many as 14 million customer records were exposed, according to UpGuard. Verizon, however, disputes that figure, saying Wednesday the exposure affected 6 million accounts.

Post Author: Churchill Aribodor

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