Retire Immediately : Equifax Tells Chief Security Officer And Chief Information Officer

The massive data breach in Equifax that was dicslosed on september 7th has resulted in immediate retirement of the Chief Security Officer  Susan Mauldin and Chief Information Officer David Webb Russ Ayres, who previously served as a Vice President in the Equifax IT department, has been appointed interim Chief Security Officer. Mark Rohrwasser has been appointed interim Chief Information […]

Two Members of Notorious Hacker Group Jailed In Russia

Konstantin Teplyakov and Alexander Filinov who were part of a group called Shaltai-Boltai — Russian for “Humpty Dumpty” and believed to be behind high-profile hacks, including into the Twitter account of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was on wednesday jailed for three years. A Russian court found them guilty of “gaining unlawful access to computer information” […]