Two Members of Notorious Hacker Group Jailed In Russia

Konstantin Teplyakov and Alexander Filinov who were part of a group called Shaltai-Boltai — Russian for “Humpty Dumpty” and believed to be behind high-profile hacks, including into the Twitter account of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was on wednesday jailed for three years. A Russian court found them guilty of “gaining unlawful access to computer information” […]

HBO Hacked Again

HBO and Games of Thrones have suffered another online attack. Their social media accounts is the target this time. Season seven of the fantasy show is currently being aired on but its storylines have been making headlines, the channel has also been the subject of many news reports about the hack which have seen episodes […]

HBO Offered $250, 000 To Hackers

HBO offered a reward of $250,000 in response to a data breach at the television group that produces “Game of Thrones,” according to a report from a leaked memo. The report by Variety on Thursday said HBO offered the payment as a “bug bounty,” which is offered by companies to discover vulnerabilities in their computer […]

Lagos speaker loses N9.2m to Facebook hackers

The Federal High court in Lagos has sentenced three men accused of cybercrime and theft of N9.2million belonging to the  Lagos State House Speaker to Ikoyi Prison. The men, Frank Nwokobia, 27, Ezeoke Kanayochukwu, 25, and Godwin Essien, 28, were charged by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), of the Lagos State Police Command, […]

Cyberattack Hit Venezuela Leaving Millions Without Mobile Phone Service

Venezuela government on thurday  confirmed a massive cyberattack which brought down governement websites and left about seven millions users without mobile phone service. A hacking group named “The Binary Guardians” has claimed responsibility for attacks that targeted the websites of the government, the supreme court and the National Assembly. “These terrorist actions which affected the Movilnet’s […]

Virgin America And WestJet Notifies Customer Of Cyberattack

Virgin America and WesJet airlines have notified thier customers of cyberattack that exposed customer data. Virgin America said it detected unauthorized access to information systems containing employee and contractor data on March 13. According to the company, a third-party accessed logins and passwords used for its corporate network. Cybersecurity forensics experts have been called in […]

Internet Bug Bounty Project Receives $300,000 In Donation

A project whose objective is to make the internet safe for the good all by rewarding white hackers who find vulnerabilities in core internet infrastructure called Internet Bug Butty Project ( IBB) has received $300,000 donations. Facebook, GitHub and the Ford Foundation, one of the world’s largest charitable organizations, have each donated $100,000 to the […]

$32 million worth of Ethereum Stolen By Hackers

An unknown hacker has just stolen nearly $32 million worth of Ethereum – one of the most popular and increasingly valuable cryptocurrencies – from Ethereum wallet accounts linked to at least three companies that seem to have been hacked. Reports indicate that this is about the third attack on Ethereum cryptocurrency. CoinDash trading platform was […]

Ashley Madison Offers $11.2 Million in Data Breach Settlement

Ruby Life Inc., the owner and operator of the online adultery service Ashley Madison, has offered to pay $11.2 million to individuals affected by the 2015 data breach. Ashley Madison was breached in July 2015 by hackers who had threatened to leak the personal details of the website’s customers unless its owners shut down the service. […]

UAE Hacked Qatar Government News And Social Media Sites

The United Arab Emirates orchestrated the hacking of Qatari government news and social media sites in order to post incendiary false quotes attributed to Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, in late May that sparked the ongoing upheaval between Qatar and its neighbors, according to U.S. intelligence officials. Officials became aware last week that […]

Russian Hacker Living in U.S. Sentenced to Prison

A Russian-born U.S. citizen has been sentenced to 110 months in prison for running a sophisticated cybercrime operation that involved botnets, stolen financial data and money laundering. Read more about Russian Hacker Living in U.S. Sentenced to Prison